1. Keeping it Green

    The summer is upon us and it is shaping up to be a hot one here in Athens. At Precision Greenworks we know how difficult it can be to keep your lawn and landscaping as beautiful as they were in the spring. When the temperatures begin to rise your lawn and plants will begin to be affected. We wanted to go over a few helpful hints for keeping your grass and landscaping plants in the best possible sh…Read More

  2. Winter Irrigation Shutdown

    The cooler weather will come, maybe not as soon as we would like, but it will be here before you know it. The winters in Athens are not as severe as our neighbors to the north but it is still critical to winterize your yard, landscaping and irrigation system before the winter chill invades your yard. The clock is ticking and the competition for winter services on your irrigation system is heating …Read More

  3. Your Teenage Irrigation System

    We have all seen it at this time of year during a stroll around your property. The lush green is starting to fade into a shade of dull brown, a sickening amber color that indicates an ineffective sprinkler system. On your walk, the grass is displaying subtle changes that vary in color from bright green to bare dirt. Suddenly you come across a patch that is as green and lush as the Amazon rainfores…Read More

  4. Summer Grilling

    The summer is blasting the heat onto your yard like a BBQ grill searing a perfectly seasoned steak. Speaking of steak, doesn't that sound fantastic? There is not much better than lounging in the backyard with a frosty beverage and a medium-rare steak. But, with all of the yard maintenance you have to do who has time to grill steaks? Well my friend it sounds like you need to call Precision Greenwor…Read More

  5. Landscape Restoration and Mulch Migration

    So you finally acquired your dream house and there is nothing that you would change about it. The problem is, your dream house is 10-years-old and the landscaping could use some attention. The juniper that looked so nice when your home was new now resembles an out-of-control plant creature. The flowers seem to have a mind of their own and pop up in random, sloppy, configurations. The mulch has com…Read More

  6. Spring considerations

    The clock has officially “sprung” ahead, the flowers are beginning to bloom, the squirrels are unpacking their stashes of nuts and the spring rains are upon us. This is the time of year to consider Precision Greenworks seasonal color option. But, more about that in a bit. Drip Systems The standard palate for our seasonal color program is generally flower beds and elevated planters, both common…Read More

  7. It’s Time to Make It Rain! Irrigation System Maintenance

    The calendar says spring is upon us and that means it's time to get that irrigation system ready to run. Winter is never kind to an irrigation system so a spring inspection and tune up is necessary for peak performance. Nobody wants their valuable lawn to be brown and dead by July. With landscaping, drip irrigation systems are often integrated into the design and hidden among the foliage. Drip irr…Read More

  8. Maintain Your Business Image

    Do you own a business? If you do, then I’m sure you understand just how important it is to make a good and lasting first impression. When someone is entering your establishment for the first time, whether they know it or not, they are judging you on the presentation, service, and reliability of your business. You have to rank well in all aspects to bring people back to your establishment time an…Read More

  9. How to Get A Chic Backyard

    Creating the perfect indoor experience is a priority to many homeowners. This includes finding the right flooring, paint colors, and decor. So, why don’t we take as much pride in making similar stylistic changes to our yards? Much like your home, your yard can become a sanctuary of sorts where you can relax and entertain. Furniture and Accessories You can find inexpensive and rustic looking furn…Read More

  10. Elements of Great Garden Design: Part One

    Show your garden with confidence. Beautiful gardens are a great way to add character to your yard. Your yard and landscaping should represent you and your lifestyle just as much as your home does. The elements of your garden and the way they are incorporated are both very important things to consider so that you will have a plan in mind before hiring a garden service. Lighting Light can have a hug…Read More